Tracey’s love for photography has taken her to a multitude of dynamic locations including Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. She’s also visited many beautiful locations in North America in search of scenic wonders. Her first experience with a 35 mm camera was in her twenties when her fiance introduced her to a Nikon FM2. Tracey learned through his guidance, knowledge, patience, and experience. She then teamed her photography with her longtime love of writing, and with Phil’s help, began writing for newspapers and magazines. Today she’s published over 65 articles in newspapers such as The Spokesman Review (Spokane), The Province (Vancouver), The Standard (Ontario), The Western and Southern Exposure (Okanagan Valley), and The Prince George Citizen. She’s also been published in Alive, Canada’s Healthy Living Guide, and Issues magazines. Topics have varied from travel to news and sports to health pieces. Her photos have appeared in most of the above publications along with Penthouse’s outdoor adventure feature “View From the Top.” Many of her images have also been sold as greeting cards. Tracey relishes just going out for a day of shooting, especially when it’s in the wilderness and around wildlife. She loves viewing the world through the camera’s eye!