Kay Wheeler


 My passion for flowers and flower photography grew through serendipity - from

learning about flowers in my mother's garden to meeting friends, like a lady who

grew orchids in her greenhouse.

After retiring early, following 36 years of operating room nursing,

I found that this same friend was volunteering at The New York Botanical Garden.

Having taken photography and gardening courses there, I applied and was

accepted as a volunteer in their photography department. I remember my excitement

the first time I looked through a MACRO LENS. Through that lens, I began to explore the beauty of the myriad of flowers in this 250 acre oasis.

I never tire of walking the grounds, seeking a new flower vignette or a scene, begging to be photographed.

  I began flower photography at The New York Botanical Garden 18 years ago , taking courses with some  wonderful photographers like Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo. In '87 I began a 2 year period volunteering in their photography department  under Allen Rokach. I continued working for him until '96 at his Center for Nature Photography and attended several of his workshops in Maine and Colorado.  I have been doing freelance photography in my company "Spectrum Images" since "94 and photography for NYBGsince "97.

   As a member of Color Camera Club of Westchester since 1994, I've learned a lot, which certainly helped me to improve my ability as a photographer.