John is a New York City artist who travels the world to find imagery to transter artistically into a strong vision of color, and what color can mean to the viewer.

He studies multitudes of artforms including: Photography, Painting, Silversmithing, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Neon, Silkscreen Printing and Stained Glass.

Having studied art at both Indiana University (Bloomington), and Parsons (New York City), he has an outlook on art that is refreshing, and strikingly colorful.

The silkscreen prints of chickens is a triumph of personal meaning and color. The images taken of chickens on his family's farm in Indiana have been transferred via the silkscreen process into an image that is both peaceful, and powerful of the beauty of the animals.

John is active in the Chelsea community of Manhattan serving on Community Board #4, and working to help preserve the HighLine railroad which runs through this area.

His photographs of the Highline, show an a artistic view of a Chelsea Landmark structure which highlights both its artistic beauty, and its natural plantlife.