I have always been interested in photography from an
early age when I worked in a Black and White photo
lab. Railways have always been a keen interest for me
and I would often be found at the side of a railway
line camera in hand.

I started Model Railway Photography 3 years ago when a
friend of mine asked if I could take some photos of
his newly built exhibition layout for a planned
website. I had never done this type of photography
before so knew little about how to go about it. Early
photos were done just using the garage fluorescent
lights and my Fuji S1 mounted on a tripod. Results
were good and one of the leading Railway magazines
asked if I could do some photos of the layout for an
article in their model rail section. I only had 3 days
to get the photos done and working full time caused
some problems. The photos appeared on a 4 page spread
in the magazine the following month, the owner of the
layout was very pleased and has the magazine pride of
place in his hallway.

Things have progressed very rapidly from then on
taking regular photos for my friends and my own model
rail layout. I have had several photos printed in
different model railway magazines and have recently
had another full article accepted for publication.

Gone are the days of using fluorescent lights I now
use either Bowens studio lights or Halogen lamps. I
have upgraded my camera to the Fuji S2 which is ideal
for model rail work.

Email: john.s.humphries@btinternet.com
Photography Website www.photoindigital.co.uk