How to use the ERASER TOOL

                                                                             by Sal Calabrese


      On my recent trip to Sedona, I went immediately to view Cathedral Rock, which is one of the most popular natural landmarks to photograph.  On the first day I arrived in the early afternoon and began to scout around for compositions of Cathedral Rock.  The first photo included with this text was one of my first frames taken of this icon subject     .

         I took a very straight-forward image of Cathedral Rock.  At the time, the lighting was not what we would call "sweet light" and the sky was very pale.  Later, I became very selective in my composition and would frame the famous rock with some nice trees.  (see my article in digital delights on this)

         This photo is just the type of image that we can enhance in Adobe Photoshop.  Since the sky was so very weak, that would be a good place to begin with enhancement.  So here is what I did.

              In this photo of Cathedral rock the sky is lifeless and dull. We will use the background eraser to put in a new sky that will give impact to the image. The background eraser is located in the toolbox, six down from the left column. It is hidden in the eraser box. To find it click on the arrow in the lower right corner. 

1.   Select background eraser

2.   Adjust size of eraser. You can do this by the bracket keys or by the options bar below the Photoshop menu bar.

3.   Click and drag the tool around your background keeping the plus mark inside the circle on the part of the image you want to erase. A checkerboard pattern will replace your background.

4.   Open image you will use to replace the background.                   I selected just part of the sky to replace the one I erase.

5.   Use the move tool to drag the new background to the old. The move tool is the top tool right side.

6.   In the layers palette drag layer 1 below layer 0 . If the layers palette is not visible open it up from the Window menu at top.


The "new sky" is now greatly enhanced and adds interest to the photo.

Next article we will change the water to better reflect the sky.



***  editors note  -  We would appreciate it if any of the images you send us for

                 publication that are enhanced or manipulated with sections or parts

      from other images be designated as "enhanced Images."   By marking these

manipulated images in this manner, we will be able to distinguish between images

that are taken straight-forward versus those created in Adobe Photoshop or by

any other means.

                                                                   Thank you

                                                                          Jim and Sal