I have been interested in trains for nearly my entire life. I was born in St. Louis, grew up in Los Angeles, and have lived in California, Utah, Wyoming and New York before finally settling in Springfield, Oregon. My interest in photography started in junior high school, and as an adult I combined taking pictures with my fascination for trains. After meeting some others with a similar conjunction of interests, my serious train photography began in the late 1970s. I have traveled around the country in my quest to capture the passing railroad scene. My media of choice has been transparencies for a long time, but I am now using digital more and more. I’ve had my work published in magazines, calendars and books.

When not taking pictures, I enjoy walking, biking, and am fascinated by local history. To pay for it all, I work in computer support for a school district.

More of my work can be seen on my web site: www.trainweb.org/cascadebruce