How to use the Clone Stamp Tool

                                                                             by Sal Calabrese


                In this Article we will change the water to reflect the sky using the 

Clone stamp tool. In my last article I added a better sky to enhanced the photo.

Now we will clone the sky to the water to make the photo look more realistic.


1.  Select the Clone stamp tool.

2.  Adjust size of Clone stamp. You can do this by the bracket keys 

      or by the options bar below the Photoshop menu bar.

3.  In the Layers Palette, Make a duplicate layer by clicking and draging the background

      layer into the" make a new layer icon." This will make a new layer called

      background copy above the background layer. Select the background copy layer.

  4. Click on the sky while holding down the alt key to the area of the

      sky that you want to clone to the water.

   5. Click and drag on the water and you will be cloning the sky to the water.

       You will see a plus sign in the sky to show you where you are cloning from.

      You can do this in small steps so that you don't clone anything

       but the sky. Each time you stop cloning you should reselect the

       area of the sky while holding the alt key.

    6. When the water looks like the sky you can adjust the opacity to your

         liking. The opacity slider is in the layers palette at the top.



         The water now reflects the sky. You can use the opacity slider

   to adjust how light or dark you want your image to look.